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We offer specialist investment and mentoring support for significant community projects.

At TVCF we believe in creating opportunities for everyone, especially those in community who need it the most. Working on behalf of our donor partners, our funding and expertise generates positive and lasting change in our area, building a better future for everyone.

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Developing your organisation for the future

We have a team of experts who, funded by our specialist grants, can work with organisations to help build a realistic strategy for achievable sustainability and growth.
This diagnostic and mentoring service is funded by TVCF and can also include flexible financial investment and support.

If you'd like to talk to us about getting a specialist community project grant, we'd love to hear from you.

BCT Aspire - raising the aspirations of children and young people within our community. img

BCT Aspire - raising the aspirations of children and young people within our community.

BCT Aspire is a community organisation thats looks to support all things recreational for families. It offers a range of activities for families, children and young people up to the age of 18 in the borough of Stockton, including after-school clubs, B-active fitness, music clubs, TRYTiME, YUS Youth club and Duke of Edinburgh activities.

Tees Valley Community Foundation's specialists investment team has worked with BCT Aspire to consider their current and future service provision in light of significant changes to personnel. We've supported the organisation with their transition from a CIC to a registered charity and have part funded their new Chief Executive role. Additional support was also given with a Reaching Communities Lottery bid which awarded BCT Aspire with £180,000 of funding for the next three years ensuring their short term financial stability.

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Leo's Neonatal - supporting families through premature and traumatic births, the neonatal unit and beyond. img

Leo's Neonatal - supporting families through premature and traumatic births, the neonatal unit and beyond.

Leo’s Neonatal is a trusted charity which prides itself on ensuring families get the right mental health support and the right care when having a sick or premature baby. Ran by Lottie, a neonatal parent who has experienced baby loss and is also a mum of a ‘neonatal graduate’ with additional needs. Lottie has a team, which includes other neonatal parents and NHS staff to ensure families are well-supported. They understand what many don’t and have the right tools to support them during their neonatal stay, and when they get home.

One of the many services that Leo’s offer is a counselling service providing support to adults and children. Siblings often require extensive support for anxiety after their experiences of having a critically ill sibling, or in many cases, the loss of a sibling. Support was also offered to grandparents, many of whom are equally impacted by a neonatal stay.

Funding of £20,000 (in January 2020) from The John William Wilson Fund allowed Leo’s to expand on their counselling service, increasing their initial offer of 5 hours per week to 13 hours per week. This included 1-2-1 sessions, as well as group sessions, resulting in over 100 families accessing support much more quickly and reducing the strain on the NHS services.

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