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Our donors are in safe, capable hands thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in handling charitable funds.

We’re proud to work with so many individial and corporate donors who make such a difference to so many lives.
Tees Valley Community Foundation provides the link between those who want to give back or establish a legacy with those who are passionate about making a difference to the community.

How can I create a legacy with long-lasting reach in my community? img

How can I create a legacy with long-lasting reach in my community?

Sometimes it’s better to ask: What do you want your money to do? What would you like the impact to be?
Whether you’re making a donation from your own money, managing a legacy from the loss of a loved one, or have any other circumstance that bring you here, we’re experienced in helping our donors make decisions that can sometimes be sensitive, complex, legally intricate and overwhelming.
Is your donation for now, forever or both?
We navigate the process with you so the intention and impact hits the right spot.
We'd love to talk to you about how you can join us as a partner donor, to help us in our mission to improve the lives of those in our community, now and into the future.

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Who's involved?

Whether it’s a personal gift or corporate giving, we can proactively manage your relationship with the communities and causes you wish to support for the benefit of everyone.]

Due diligence ensures the right fit between you or your organisation and the causes you value, or the places you want to make a difference. We take pride in ensuring your gift is truly effective in helping the people or communities you care about.

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Tees Valley Community Foundation offers a wide range of support in funds, specialist grants and mentoring. Click the apply button to register for an account and tell us about your cause.

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