Neil Kenley

Neil Kenley


Neil Kenley, recently retired as Business Director to Tees Valley Combined Authority, boasts a wide and varied career path beginning at sea serving for ten years as a marine engineer in the Royal Navy.  He moved on to take up senior management roles within the chemical, energy and utilities sector.  A further career change saw Neil spend 12 years in the public sector at Director level leading to his current position.  His more than 30 year career has provided him first-hand experience of operations, restructuring, and change management including mergers & acquisitions and inward investment.

Over the years he has served on boards and steering groups of local swimming and diving clubs giving him first-hand experience of what a positive effect these clubs can have on pulling people and communities together, both old and young people alike.  It has also given him an insight into the challenges faced by such groups to keep these volunteer organisations going.

Being a trustee of Tees Valley Community Foundation has given Neil the opportunity to use this first-hand experience to help ensure that community groups across the Tees Valley have a role into the future.

Neil’s favourite part of our area is the River Tees - from Teesmouth right up to Yarm, the river has something for everyone.  As a youngster he used to sail on the Tees, where we now have champion Olympic Gold medalists training, white water rafting, fishing competitions and don’t forget our iconic bridges.

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