Wharton Trust supporting mental wellbeing in Dyke House, Hartlepool

Wharton Trust taking care of wellbeing in Dyke House, Hartlepool

Like many groups, The Wharton Trust has responded quickly and brilliantly to the need for food delivery and errand support, but quickly realised there was a desperate need to also occupy minds to alleviate some of the issues brought about by social isolation in the pandemic. TVCF have been delighted to support them with funding to provide wellbeing care packages containing items such as puzzles, colouring books and seeds to plant.

The Wharton Trust is a Hartlepool based community organisation, aiming to alleviate deprivation in the Dyke House area, which is within the top 2% of deprived wards in the UK and, as such, experiences high levels of unemployment, low levels of educational attainment and aspiration, high levels of health inequalities and extreme levels of deprivation.

In normal time, the organisation supports local people to access employment and training advice and opportunities, promoting healthier lifestyles, and improving core life skills. 

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