A Way Out

A Way Out is a Stockton based charity, the main aim of the organisation is to support women and young people to live a life free of drug and alcohol addiction, poverty and abuse. The organisation runs a variety of outreach programmes, one of which, the Liberty project delivers an outreach, engagement and recovery service to adult women with complex needs, who are drug and alcohol dependent, socially isolated and involved in survival sex work.

Whilst the current pandemic has presented difficulties for many people, those who were already vulnerable have found it extremely hard. Many of the organisation’s clients are dealing with addiction, homelessness, poverty, mental and physical ill health, offending and unemployment. In addition to this, they are at increased risk of violence including coercive control, sexual harassment, sexual violence and rape, stalking and trafficking. Volunteers and staff have worked throughout Covid-19 to maintain contact and support service users to manage these risks and ensure they are receiving the assistance they need to continue in their recovery.

Tees Valley Community Foundation were happy to award funding to A Way Out to enable them to provide families with food parcels and personal items.

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