Middlesbrough MELA

Middlesbrough MELA Association organise and deliver the free, inclusive annual Middlesbrough Mela festival. The event is a high profile multi-cultural inclusive festival that brings communities together to celebrate and promote different cultures in a positive and inclusive way.

In light of the pandemic and imposed restrictions around social events, the organisation have had to think outside of the box to enable them to continue their annual celebration in 2020. The group are hosting a range of artist-led digital workshops and sending out creative packs so that members of the community can participate safely from their homes. The end product will be showcased via their website.

TVCF were thrilled to award funding so that creative packs could be distributed to those wishing to take part in the workshops, it is a great opportunity for those who may be isolated during this time to engage with others, get creative and create a legacy for the area.

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