Kinship carers looking after each other

Kinship Carers looking after each other

A Middlesbrough based group of Grandparents are working together to provide a network of support to family members who take care of children that are unable to live safely with their parents. 

Recent research shows that around 52% of children live full-time or most of the time with a relative or friend who isn't their parent, usually as a result of drug or alcohol misuse, but also because of bereavement, imprisonment, abuse, neglect or ill health. Almost half of children in kinship care have some kind of special needs, most commonly emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Middlesbrough Kinship Carers provide support to kinship carers, offering guidance, advice and training in order to respond to the diverse needs of kinship children, with the overall aim of promoting positive outcomes for children and their carers.

Tees Valley Community Foundation were happy to award a grant to enable carers to take part in leisure activities with the children. 

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