Healthy Meals and Games for the Brain

Healthy Meals and Games for the Brain.

A Middlesbrough based group have received funding to run a luncheon club for the elderly.

Linthorpe Road Resource Centre provide hot meals for the homeless, people living in isolation and extreme poverty. As part of their desire to work with society's most vulnerable, they developed "The Good Samaritan Project" with the aim of hosting a luncheon club for the elderly, helping to address loneliness, social isolation and pensioner poverty (in this particular area 43% of pensioners are living in poverty and have one of the lowest life expectancies of any area in the UK).  The group have chosen to replicate the Alzheimer's Society's "Games for the Brain" model, which stimulates cognitive function in a safe environment with familiar games such as Dominoes, Cards and Scrabble.

Tees Valley Community Foundation were very happy to award a grant to enable Linthorpe Road Resource Centre to purchase games and we hope that the lunch club will help to provide a place where members can interact with their peers safely, promoting a greater sense of wellbeing. 

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