Active Tees Valley opens Eco Shop in M'Bro

Active Tees Valley look after a number of local facilities in East Middlesbrough - East Middlesbrough Events Centre (EMEC), Pallister Park and Brambles Farm to meet the needs of the local community. Their centres are both for, and ran, by the local community. ATV offers a diverse range of activities for everyone. It also provides business opportunities through tenancy and works with key partners and employment agencies with an aim to bring communities together. The organisation plan to open an “Eco Shop” based at the EMEC site, which will, in the current climate, provide a delivery service to the elderly and vulnerable members of the community. It will also provide the local community with a place where they can shop for basic supplies at a very low cost, allowing them to maximise their income whilst enabling them to be independent. TVCF have awarded funding to enable the group to purchase shelving and refrigeration equipment and food supplies.

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